Hair Loss PRP Injection

hair loss prp injection

Hair Loss PRP Injection Overview

At Leeia Derma Spa in Montrose, Chicago, we understand the common issue of hair loss, which can often lead to worry and concern. Plus, rapid and excessive hair loss can be distressing. That’s why we offer Hair Loss PRP Injection—a non-surgical approach that enhances blood flow to the hair follicles, stimulating hair growth. 

By harnessing the power of your body’s own platelet-rich plasma, extracted from a small blood sample, we jumpstart the natural hair growth cycle. Our PRP treatments provide a safe and effective solution to regaining your thick and healthy hair. So, say goodbye to hair loss worries and hello to confidence with Leeia Derma Spa’s PRP hair restoration services.

Client Statement

“When I was struggling with thinning hair, I discovered Leeia Derma Spa, and it made all the difference. Their PRP hair restoration treatments are truly cutting-edge and tailored to your unique needs. The team of experts worked closely with me to create a plan that fit my budget and delivered the results I wanted. Thanks to Leeia Derma Spa, I’m on my way to having the thicker, fuller hair I’ve always wanted.”

Areas of Treatment: Scalp/Hair

-David, Patient

hair loss prp injection


Three Simple Steps To Full, Lush Hair

First Step

We begin by extracting your body’s own PRP. This involves taking a small blood sample and processing it in a centrifuge. As it spins, the PRP is isolated from the other elements of your blood, resulting in a highly concentrated solution tailored for restoration.

Prp Hair Therapy

The Process

While your PRP is being prepared at Leeia Derma Spa, our skilled provider ensures your comfort by applying a topical anesthetic to your scalp. Once the PRP is ready, it’s meticulously injected into your scalp. The number of injections varies depending on the treatment area’s size and the severity of your hair loss. Typically, our efficient PRP hair restoration procedure in our Chicago spa takes less than an hour to complete.

Recovery & Results

Recovering from PRP hair restoration is a breeze, usually taking only one to two days, with minor symptoms like swelling, redness, or sensitivity during this brief period. Within a few months, patients start noticing improvements in hair growth, and full results become evident around the six-month mark. To sustain and enhance these effects, we advise starting with three initial treatments, followed by regular maintenance sessions every four to six months.

hair loss prp injection

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Tristan Ardelean
Tristan Ardelean
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I have been struggling with severe acne for about 2 years. After seeing Leeia every couple months for about a year I have seen drastic improvements. Leeia is a very sweet woman and will always know exactly what type of treatments you need. I really recommend her for anyone struggling with active acne.
Maria Pec
Maria Pec
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I highly recommend visiting Leeia; she’s truly the best in her field. She expertly addressed all my skin concerns and provided valuable recommendations for improvement. Her ability to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere during the session, making the whole experience not only effective but also enjoyable. You won’t find a better professional in the skincare business.
Lavinia Corlaciu
Lavinia Corlaciu
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The combination of expert care, luxurious amenities, and a commitment to customer satisfaction made it a truly transformative experience. I highly recommend Leeia Derma Spa!
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