Carbon Laser Facial

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Carbon Laser Facial are a revolutionary, non-invasive, painless procedure that helps rejuvenate the appearance of aging and damaged skin

Carbon Laser Facial Overview

The Carbon Laser treatment entails the application of a liquid carbon layer to the skin, allowing it to penetrate pores and bind with impurities such as dead skin cells and oil. Subsequently, a laser is employed to target and vaporize the carbon, stimulating collagen production and revitalizing the skin’s appearance. This celebrity-favored, non-invasive procedure delivers immediate results with minimal discomfort, rendering it an effective choice for skin rejuvenation and addressing diverse skin concerns.







What Are The Benefits Of Carbon Laser Facial

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tightens dilated pores
  • Reduces acne, scars and post acne discoloration
  • Removes dead skin cells from the superficial epidermal layer
  • Stimulates collagen growth Improves skin texture
  • Clears pores to help reduce blackheads and whiteheads

Frequently Asked Questions

The Carbon Laser Facial is safe for all skin types and works best on skin that is already in good shape or only slightly damaged. However, if your skin has more serious damage, we recommend starting with our personalized skin rejuvenation programs. On the other hand, if your skin is healthy, you can get the Carbon Laser Facial as often as you like to maintain your skin’s bright and healthy appearance.

After the treatment, you might notice a bit of mild redness; however, you’ll also observe immediate improvements in the glow and radiance of your skin. Additionally, you’ll experience a reduction in acne and pore size right after your first session. Remarkably, this treatment offers the effectiveness of several chemical peels, all within a single safe and non-invasive laser procedure.

“Typically, most patients undergo 4-5 treatments, with sessions spaced one to four weeks apart. This approach yields the best results, promoting enhanced collagen production, reduced oiliness, and achieving tighter, more radiant skin.”

Preparation is key for optimal results. Ensure your skin is clean and avoid applying lotions, creams, or makeup before your session. Cease using any potentially skin-irritating products 2-3 days in advance. Additionally, steer clear of tanning, including self-tanners. You might receive advice to shave the treatment area before your session.

The Carbon Laser Facial is a painless and non-invasive treatment designed to enhance your skin’s appearance. Following your session at our facility, you can immediately resume your work and daily activities without any downtime.

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Tristan Ardelean
Tristan Ardelean
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I have been struggling with severe acne for about 2 years. After seeing Leeia every couple months for about a year I have seen drastic improvements. Leeia is a very sweet woman and will always know exactly what type of treatments you need. I really recommend her for anyone struggling with active acne.
Maria Pec
Maria Pec
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I highly recommend visiting Leeia; she’s truly the best in her field. She expertly addressed all my skin concerns and provided valuable recommendations for improvement. Her ability to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere during the session, making the whole experience not only effective but also enjoyable. You won’t find a better professional in the skincare business.
Lavinia Corlaciu
Lavinia Corlaciu
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The combination of expert care, luxurious amenities, and a commitment to customer satisfaction made it a truly transformative experience. I highly recommend Leeia Derma Spa!
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